Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling

Our philosophy includes delivering a comprehensive school counseling program that is predicated on the belief that all students are unique and dynamic individuals, capable of becoming responsive and productive adults. Our program is proactive and preventative in nature and is committed to meeting the needs of all students using age-appropriate programs and lessons delivered systematically by professional school counselors.

Mary Gajewski, LMSW

  • Coordinator for testing accommodations for ACT/PSAT/SAT/AP Exams

Peg Marland, L.P.C., Part-time Counselor

  • Personal and group counselor specializing in conflict resolution, mediation and improving interpersonal relationships

Amanda Whitcomb, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., L.S.C.S.W., Personal Counselor

  • Individual and group counselor specializing in personal, behavioral, social and interpersonal issues.
  • Coordinator of the Teen Exchange seminar for sophomores presented by MOCSA.
  • Coordinator/Facilitator of Sources of Strength

Personal Counseling includes but is not limited to:

  • Individual counseling
  • Small group counseling
  • Common counseling issues may include: eating disorders, depression and suicide prevention, grief and loss, safety issues for women, adolescent development and anger management
  • Parent meetings on adolescent development regarding academics, social and/or emotional needs.
  • Diversity Telehealth
    This program facilitates searches for outside therapists (both in person and through telehealth) that are needs based including behavioral, anxiety or depression, or cognitive therapy. Dr. Shelley Cooper of Diversity Telehealth will provide these valuable services. Dr. Cooper is available by email at and phone at 913-710-3818.