Add/Drop Courses

Student schedules for the 2021-22 school year will be accessible on Powerschool in early August. Schedules were created using course requests made by students and approved by parents last spring. If the student’s first choice did not fit into the schedule, every attempt was made to use one of the student’s alternate choices. There are a limited amount of courses available for schedule changes. All changes to both first and second semester schedules must be requested by 3 p.m. on Thursday, August 5, 2021. Seniors- The strength of your curriculum is an important factor in the college admission process and a change in your senior year schedule could impact an admission decision. The Add/Drop process occurs in August so as not jeopardize this process. Any update to a senior schedule will be submitted to all colleges where a student has applied.

There is a $50 fee to request a schedule change. This is billed to your account after changes have been made to your schedule. At the bottom of the form please add any comments necessary in assisting us in filing your requests. Keep in mind some courses require prior authorization from teachers and prerequisites be met.

Please follow the steps below for adding a course and/or dropping a course.

  1. Click here to access the ADD/DROP Courses form
  2. Enter your last and first name
  3. Select the course you wish to DROP
  4. If needed, select a course to ADD
  5. Submit your form
  6. If the registrar is able to make requested schedule changes the $50 fee will be applied to your account.

Schedule changes must be submitted electronically by 3 p.m. Thursday, August 5, 2021.

  • FEE: $50 to ADD and/or DROP

Questions? Contact Alexa Varady at