Missouri Seal of Biliteracy


The Modern & Classical Language Department is pleased to announce that STA was recently approved to award the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy to qualified students of French, Latin and Spanish. This program recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing one or more languages in addition to English.  It offers an opportunity to demonstrate the linguistic and cultural skills these students possess to universities and future employers.


A. School  criteria for English

  • ACT score of 18 for the  Missouri Seal
  • ACT score of 21 for the Distinguished Seal
  • SAT score of 940 for the Missouri Seal
  • SAT score of 1060 for the Distinguished Seal

B. School criteria for languages other than English

Students need to fulfill one of the following:

  • AP Language and Culture for French and Spanish. 3 or higher ( Missouri Seal) .5 (Distinguished Seal)
  • STAMP4S for French and Spanish. Intermediate  Mid ( Missouri Seal). Advanced Low (Distinguished Seal)
  • ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview For French and Spanish. Intermediate Mid (Missouri  Seal). Advanced Low (Distinguished Seal)
  • ACTFL AAPPL for French and Spanish. Intermediate 3 (1-3) (Missouri Seal). Advanced (A ) ( Distinguished)
  • COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK (Certified by AATSP) for Spanish. B1 (Missouri Seal). B2 (Distinguished Seal)
  • ACTFL (ALIRA; ACTFL Latin interpretative Reading Exam) for Latin, Intermediate Mid.  (Missouri Seal). Advanced Low (Distinguished Seal)

  C. Students need to demonstrate sociocultural competence

To demonstrate sociocultural competence students need to fulfill the following requisites:

  • To belong to the STA  language club or language Honor Society in the year of application for the Seal
  • To attend cultural activities and events at school and in KC
  • To help a language teacher or to tutor a student
  • To take part in community service related to the language

D. Students need to complete four years of the language (at STA and/or RU)

E. Students may apply for the Seal of Biliteracy award by completing this APPLICATION.


Congratulatory Letter from State of Missouri